this works to bring out the colour of my eyes

I’ve got to the ripe old age of mumble-mumble without paying a blind bit of notice to cosmetic colour rules. I just buy and wear the shades I like (which is, ooh, pretty much all of ‘em), but the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon pencils have got me rethinking the wisdom of that strategy. 

Designed to enhance your natural eye colour, these cream eyeshadow crayons are marked for hazel, green, blue or brown eyes – and labelled Day, or Night, depending on the intensity of the shade. 

And boy, are these intense: the colours are rich, multi-tonal and basically, sex on a stick (if you fancy random items of makeup which, apparently, I do. No judging!). 

I have Dark Pearl, the daytime shade for brown eyes, and a delicious, purple-toned taupe. The first thing I noticed when I scribbled it on? I have a ring around my iris that’s almost the exact shame shade. Who knew?! 

Charlotte Tilbury colour chameleon in black pearlSo yes, this works to bring out the colour of my eyes – and it was commented on and complimented by every single person I met while I was wearing it, except for my husband and (male) boss. Go figure. 

Note, though, that this isn’t the product for a really precise or graphic eye: it’s all about a sexy, smudgy, lived-in look. I like to ring my eyes with it, taking the colour up to my crease, and then smudging it out with my fingers or MAC 217 brush. You don’t have long till it sets, so do one eye at a time. On me, it lasts all day solo; on a friend, a primer is required. 

Charlotte Tilbury colour chameleon in black pearl

At €25 a pop, they ain’t cheap – but they’re the most accessibly priced piece from the Charlotte Tilbury line (see what else Kirstie recommends here). I’m buying Amber Haze next, the night-time shade for my eye colour, but I can’t just stop at two. I reckon I’ll plunder the colours for hazel eyes, next. 

Have you tried these? Thoughts?