Metallure is Catrice’s next LE, due on stands in October. We checked out the press shots last week and it looks ace, in all its rose gold-packaged budget loveliness.

How does it stand up, IRL?

I’ve got four pieces from the collection, and I’ve been swatchin’.

catrice metallure eyeshadows

Looking good, huh? Two of three Metallic Marbled shadows on offer at €3.99 each, I’m not 100% on which ones these, are as my samples don’t have names. Soz!

catrice metallure eyeshadows

catrice metallure eyeshadows

These absolutely look the biz in the pan, but I’ve been stung by Catrice shadows before; they can be overly shimmery and glitter-laden. How do these fare when swatched?

catrice metallure eyeshadows swatches

Yeah, unfortunately that’s the case here; there’s a very high-glitter finish from the swatch that just looks a bit cheap, and pigmentation’s not the best either. I get they are inexpensive, but on the eye these don’t look particularly pricey either. Shame, because they’re stunners in the pan.

How do the lipsticks fare?

catrice metallure lipsticks

The red’s a total winner (the beige shade is Metalight and the red is Alluring Red), and what’s not apparent from press shots is that the beige has shimmer in it, so avoid if that’s a an issue. The red’s lovely – a rich, deep ruby that’s a bit of a barg at €4.49, and which has a soft, satin shine.

catrice metallure lipstick swatches

Swatches of both. That red, huh?

So, it’s worth looking at, and certainly there are a lot more products in the range like the nail shades, a liner/mascara topper and a bronzer to check out as well, but perhaps just leave the shadows to one side.