Poor Shourouk Rhaiem. Her signature neon-flashing, crystal-encrusted, cord-tying, statement-necklace, mouth-wateringly bright jewelled pieces have inspired a bajillion copies. Those flouro and diamante pieces you’re picking up at New Look and Topshop? Filched right out of her catalogue.

mira duma, carring a shourouk bag

This Vogue pic, one of the most enduring street style images of the past 18 months, has appeared on a legion of blogs; you’ll have seen it before. It’s Russian fashion queen Miroslava Duma (or someone carrying one of her Buro 24/7 cards) and that’s a Shourouk bag. They’re also characterised by punchy hues and intriguing jewel clusters, and similarly, they’ve been copied left, right and centre. Like the Missguided version featured at the top.

Pay €1,570 for Shourouk’s Daktari bag, or €27.99 for Missguided’s Olga silver jelly bag; it’s kinda of a no-brainer. Unless you’re Mira Duma and money; she is no object. 

The point has to be made that it’s always better to support the originator – Shourouk – and that the blatant copying the highstreet tends to do is questionable, at best.

But to the average girl on the street who has firstly no idea who Shourouk is and secondly, no chance of affording it in any case, it’s always gonna be the budget version she’ll buy. So the dance continues.

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