Okay, so I’m bad at maths but bare with me for a sec: Mac X Rocky Horror Picture Show is a collab that’s all about celebrating this infamous film’s 40th anniversary. We’re not quite there by my reckoning; it was a 1975 release. It’s 2014, right? Right. Still, never let a couple of months get in the way of some fun, especially when a limited life release like this is on offer.

Mac x rocky horror picture show

There’s lots for eyes, lips and of course cheeks, to get that Tim Curry hollow-lookin’ contour. The collection is entirely limited, lands on October 31st and will be exclusively available at the standalone Mac BT2 store on Henry St, and no other locations. You’ve been warned.

I’ve gotten a few pieces and have dutifully snapped ‘n’ swatched below.

Mac x rocky horror picture show collection

I’ve got the Greasepaint Stick in Black, €21.50; Riff-Raff Quad, €49; Lipsticks… well, I’m not so sure what I have. Samples say one thing, press materials say another. Soz BBZ.

Mac x rocky horror picture show palette

Here’s the Riff-Raff palette, named after Richard O’Brien’s character (yes, he of Crystal Maze fame). It’s a six-pan kit with very Frank-N-Furter shades contained within. I don’t love this if I’m honest; but it’s not a product criticism at all, it’s just that I don’t love these shades particularly.

Mac x rocky horror picture show palette

Look at how well they’ve sampled his makeup look though, huh? Nice work. A decent edit of matte, frost and veluxe pearl make up the mix.

Mac x rocky horror picture show swatches

And here are the swatches. Shades are Oh, Rocky!!! (hardly seen, apols), Crystal, Blackberry, Graphic Style​, Heavy, Black and Pendulous, Carbon Black.

Mac x rocky horror picture show greasepaint stick

I’m not 100% if Mac’s Greasepaints are a main line item or if they just nip in and out in limited edition collections; we’ve seem them lots of times before, in any case. Particularly appropriate for this release, because they’re so smudgy and stick-aboutable, they’re easy to use and make a brilliant smokey base.

Mac x rocky horror picture show lipsticks

Again, it’s kind of a guess as to which of the four lipsticks I have; but I’ll hazard one and say it might be Strange Journey and Frank-N-Furter – check yourself when they hit counter, as my samples say Deep Love and Sahara. Oh, er.

Mac x rocky horror picture show swatches

Here’s how they, and the Greasepaint Stick, swatch. The lippy on the left is a little brown for my prefs, but the one on the right I’ll use, I reckon.

So peeps, what do you think if the products? One you’ll want to take a closer look at, or one you’ll pass on? Spill below.