A couple of weeks ago, I was tasked with narrowing down my list of must have makeup brushes (which wasn’t easy!) but of course brushes aren’t the only tools we makeup artists have lurking in our bags of tricks.

So, I’ve put together a little list of come of my other favourite beauty tool essentials below.

  1. Brush Cleanser
    Hygiene is key to any makeup artist kit, and this starts with keeping brushes clean. Cinema Secrets cleanser is a pro favourite as it has a delicate vanilla scent and can be used on both synthetic and natural hair brushes.
  2. Eyelash Curlers
    I’ve always found these to be by far the fastest way to make eyes appear awake and more open – my favourite are (and always have been) the cult classic Shu Uemura ones. 
  3. Powder Puff
    To set and secure foundation in place there’s no tool quite as good as a powder puff, especially on oilier parts of the face such as T-zone and eyelids. Be sure to swap out or wash puffs after a few uses, though. 
  4. Pencil Sharpener
    The only way to ensure that eye and lip pencils are kept clean is by sharpening them after each use. My tool of choice is the Make Up For Ever Double Barrel sharpener, which tackles both thick and thin pencils easily. 
  5. Tweezers
    The trick with tweezers is to invest in a really great, sharp pair, like Tweezerman’s Slant, which grip even stubborn, short hairs on the first try.
  6. Customised Palettes
    I’ve previously mentioned my beloved Japonesque palette, which can house loads of decanted lipsticks, but I also love the Z Palettes which are designed to hold powder products such as eye shadows and blushers.

What can’t you live without?