$8 million a year and still no time for English lessons

Should you have the good fortune to bump into me over the next couple of months, there is a very strong chance that I’ll be wearing a pair of ankle boots (or, as Chiara Ferragni would say, that I’ll have a pair of ankle boots at my feet – $8 million a year and still no time for English lessons).

I mean, provided the weather doesn’t remain tropical for too much longer, I’ll be gussied up in my winter woollies in no time, and ankle boots are an essential piece of the autumnal puzzle. 

My favourites? Buffalo’s Bullets, which I currently own in two colours – maroon and tan – although I did once own four (add black and white variations to the mix). I wear mine with skirts and dresses, jeans and trousers, on nights out and days in, and they are definitely comfortable enough for a Saturday jaunt around the shops. 


But this season I think it’s time for something new – so I’ve been on the lookout for some super-cool and versatile ankle boots to see me through the coming dark, wet and downright chilly evenings.

buffalo thrill boots

Buffalo’s Thrill boots, €138

Buffalo is always my first port of call for boots, and these babies have it all – the snakeskin heel is super-cool, they’re not too high and the black and metallic combo will go with almost everything. Price-wise, they’re kind of around the middle of my boot budget – €200-plus is designer territory, while less than €100 makes me think they’ll be super-sweaty and uncomfortable. 

Alexander McQueen boots, €985 at Brown Thomas

Alexander McQueen boots, €985 at Brown Thomas

On the designer front, these Alexander McQueen boots are stunning – luxe leather, standout gold accents and a gorgeous rounded toe make for the perfect nearly-flat boot. Yep, there’s enough of a heel there to give you a little extra height without crippling you while you run for the bus. In case you can’t see clearly, those zips are on both sides – faaaaaancy.

my-wardrobe.com http://www.my-wardrobe.com/iro/taupe-keirasuede-and-leather-two-tone-boot-582984

IRO Keira taupe suede and leather boots, €533.50

We may as well stay walking on the dear side of life for just a moment – these taupe boots by Parisian brand IRO (at My Wardrobe) combine practical, urban style with super-sleek design. It may seem like an oxymoron of sorts, but these ankle boots are undeniably sexy. And if taupe isn’t your thing – let’s face it, our weather doesn’t really lend itself to pale suedes – they also come in black.

Topshop's HALO metal trim boots, £78 (probably around €200)

Topshop’s HALO metal trim boots, £78 (probably around €200) 

I’ll come back down to earth gladly for Topshop’s HALO booties – again, this is a slightly dressier ankle boot (perhaps not for getting the messages), with a great metal accent that makes them perfect for going out. (How much do you hate fashion writers talking about the “school run” and “Friday night on the town” as if practicality is our first consideration when purchasing clothing?) Buy online to save your dollahs.

Shearling wrapped ankle boots, €18 at Penneys

Shearling wrapped ankle boots, €18 at Penneys

These Penneys lovelies are a dead ringer for Chloe’s €700-odd autumn/winter wonders (and Topshop Unique’s £120 mules), and a serious bargain. It would actually be tough to do a shoe roundup and leave Penneys out; its shoe section frequently reminds me of the Father Ted lingerie episode – I could spend hours in there! In terms of wearability, too, a wedge is always a winner.