After a trying couple of months, my brows and I have reached a temporary truce. I say temporary, because it’s tough to keep things on an even keel. You’re confidently going about your business, till your latest selfie shows brows that are sad and skinny, or manically wiry and wild.

But two things happened this week to reassure me my eyebrows are back on track. Firstly, I went to work without any makeup – a common enough occurrence, before my little tweezer-happy spree.

And, secondly, this tweet: 

The answer? Regular visits to the rather darling Benefit Boutique, on Dublin’s South William Street (you’ll also find their brow bars in Arnotts, and selected Debenhams’ nationwide).

The brand has been taming brows since the original San Fran store opened in 1976 – and they waxed 2.5 million brows last year alone. Suffice to say, they give good brow. 

The service starts off with brow mapping, to find your ideal shape. Then it’s on to tinting, should you desire it, and I do; it makes a difference, even though my hair is naturally dark. The tint grabs the baby hairs above and below the brows, for a fuller finish with added depth. 

Next up? Waxing, for a clean, defined look. Unlike other waxing services I’ve tried, there’s no tell-tale, irritated redness; the wax, Benefit’s own formula, is designed to be gentle, to suit even sensitive skin. Finally, any stray hairs are tweezed for a well-groomed finish that really opens up the eyes. 

Prices are grand for a monthly visit: a brow tint with arch is €26, or €16 for the waxing alone. There’s no need to make an appointment, just rock up at your nearest brow bar – they’ve helped me get my best brows yet.