With a bijoux (but growing) edit that’s got a decidedly French twist, Cult Effect, a new Irish beauty shopping site, is off to a good start. Brands like Paul and Joe, T. LeClerc and Embroylisse make up the offer which is enough to get me clicking, but here’s what kinda seals the deal: makeup artist Leonard Daly is involved with the website and will be adding his tuppence in terms of curation, content and the overall direction of what we’ll buy. He absolutely knows his stuff, and beauty’s in his blood, so this is altogether good news.

From the capsule selection of seven brands the site’s launching with, here’s what’s standing out to me:

  • Paul and Joe Beaute Pressed Powder Refills come in several shades, and are designed to fit into the pretty scalloped compacts. Refills are €18, compacts are an affordable €8. 
  • Cult Effect has the exclusive on French beauty brand T. LeClerc; the line’s loose powders are one of those cult buys you read about in super-slick glossy mags. €45’s the not inconsiderable damage, and you can pick them to match complexion or to add colour.
  • Love micellars? You’ll swoon for this one, so. By another one of those aww, gawd, I wish we had it brands, Embroylisse, well, whaddya know? Now we do. Starting at €10.99 for 125ml, it’s affordable too.
  • More Embroylisse: this cult product is the brand’s answer to Eight Hour cream or Paw Paw ointment. Embryolisse Rich Balm’s a nourishing powerhouse of olive extract, shea butter and white beeswax and can be slapped on chapped, irritated skin, as well as lips, tips and well, anywhere you fancy, really.
  • A brand I’ve seen a time or two on the beauty wheel, Balance Me is a naturals brand that does a lot of nice body bits.This though, is one I’d be keen to try. Radiance Face Oil, €35, is jammed with oils and botanicals and sounds very nice indeed.
  • More Paul and Joe, in the form of one of the brand’s lipsticks and a pretty holder you can buy to house refills. Cute idea, huh? Check all the shades and cases here.