The 90s. That far-flung decade that today’s teenagers are plundering for plaid, grunge refs and also now, Friends-alike brown pouts

As a search term, “Kylie Jenner’s lips” is right up there with Syrian rebels, “Is George Clooney gay,” and “When is Miley Cyrus’ total meltdown scheduled to happen.” In other words, it’s a trending topic and one of the most-requested things on Google right about now.

Why? Okay, the lip filler did-she-or-didn’t-she debacle (PLEASE. She did) and then there’s the fact that girlfriend is providing a raft of never seen before beauty #inspo for her generation of teens and beyond, all of whom are falling over themselves to kopy Kylie’s overdrawn, beigey, lightly-lilac hued mouth.

But why? For one, because they’ve never seen it before. It’s new (news: it’s not). Using a nude-toned liner to overdraw lips and then filling back in with a matching lip shade for a pillowy pout is an artist trick that’s as old as makeup itself. The thing is, it’s just been crazily uncool for ages. Since, and this leads me nicely around to my second point, around about the 1990s. 

Ah, the 90s. That far-flung decade that today’s teenagers are plundering for plaid, grunge refs and also now, Friends-alike brown pouts. The ’90s are kewl*. Kylie is 17. Of course she thinks she’s the shit with her Monica ‘n’ Rachel from Friends lipstick-ed mouth. 

So that’s the why, now here’s the how.

Kylie apparently prefers Mac products, using them for both liner and lipstick. The key here is to draw slightly outside your own natural lipline so you can fake a fuller lip without looking like Pete Burns. Here’s what to try.

  1. Mac Lipliner in Whirl. Keep this well-pared because a sharp tip will give the best outline.
  2. Mac Lipstick in Brave. Charlotte Tilbury has amazing nudes, should you need a little enabling.
  3. Wanna dupe it? NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia is Kylie’s kolour in a nutshell.
  4. Take a texture departure with a liquid lipstick, like Hourglass’ offering in Canvas.
  5. Topshop’s matte lipstick in Mink is another good dupe for her lip shade.

*I’m down with all of this by the way, as long as no one ever tries to make me listen to Pearl Jam ever again. Just buy a Mudhoney album people, and do everyone’s ears a favour. I recommend Superfuzz Bigmuff (ok, technically an EP), or the eponymous Mudhoney.