Is it a Big Brother-esqe step too far?

Spotted backstage on Maybelline artists at recent NYFW shows at brands like Mohapatra (above), Google Glass is starting to make inroads beyond early tech adopters. And YSL is embracing it as well, hooking up with Glass during September on selected counters in the US and UK, before a rollout into Europe and Asia.

So, what’s the benefit? It’s two-fold really: you get a video to take home that’s a full recording of your counter makeover, so you can easily recreate it again, with every step preserved for posterity. Nice.

And for the brand, heck, they’re hoping you’ll do some of their online marketing for them, sharing your Glass-created tutorial on your social channels.

No word yet on whether we’ll see Google Glass on our YSL counters but you can be sure that if it works for one beauty behemoth, more will follow. Something you’d love to try or a Big Brother-esqe step too far?