In Tiger-ier days, I’d have several Diptyque candles burning at a time, as I rode around in choppers eating swans

My first thought on hearing Space NK was opening on Grafton Street? Oribe! This legendary haircare range, created by old-skool celeb hairdresser Oribe Canales, is designed to give us all Rita Hayworth hair: the bigger the better. 

Lovingly stroking the dry texturising spray at the launch, I promised I’d be back on payday. And I was: but just to say hello. And I’ve been back several times since, but I somehow keep leaving it behind, despite casting longing glances back over my shoulder. I just can’t bring myself to part with the guts of €50 for what’s effectively a dry shampoo – no matter how fabulous. 

And so the Oribe spray joins that small, but haunting, subgroup of cosmetics – the lovely things I want, but just can’t bring myself to buy. 

Take Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil. This was my first transformative experience with hair oil, and brought my dry and damaged frizz ball back to health. I swore I’d never be without it – but when my first bottle ran dry, so did my resolve.

There are loads of similar products on the market for considerably less dough, and yet, I’ll always have the memories…

Also see: the Hourglass Ambient blushers and lighting powders. I lusted after both so hard, it felt my skin was itching with the want. But which particular shades to choose? I dragged my mum and sister from shop to shop as I tried to make my choice, and ended up with… some perfume and an eye cream that I didn’t even need. Perhaps I want them all, or none at all? 

And finally, Diptyque: I deeply love their candles, in a near-religious way. In Tiger-ier days, I’d have several burning at a time, as I rode around in choppers eating swans.* I still have a nostalgic sniff as I pass them in Brown Thomas, but these days my purchases are strictly limited to gifts. 

€44 for a (190g) candle seems insane; yes, they are beautifully fragranced and made to the highest of standards – but so are La Bougie’s, and this lovely Irish brand can do it for €19.95 (for the slightly smaller size of 140g.) 

Are there any beauty bits you want, but for whatever reason, just can’t seem to bring yourself to buy? 

*Ok, that was Dylan Moran, not me – but the candle bit is true.