A mere fortnight ago, I was bemoaning our unseasonably warm weather (yes, yes, it’s my fault) and wishing for the advent of real winter, so that I could get out my opaques and woolly jumpers. Now that it’s here, however, I find myself terribly ill-equipped to brave the outdoors. Where are all of these woollen garments I thought I owned? (I’m not grown-up enough to divide my wardrobe into seasons and store vacuum-packed mounds of wintery items beneath the bed.)

There’s only one thing for it, then: shop! Ah, music to my ears. The continuation of summer long after it had outstayed its welcome – I basically want summer to last two weeks, in August, and then piss back off again – really scuppered my plans to invest in A/W items once the clock struck September, so I’m relishing this opportunity.

Of course, the items on my hit list are infinitely practical. Don’t believe me? (Ask the dishes!) No, I mean, behold:

Last autumn/winter, I invested in an enormous check scarf from ASOS, and it was, hands down, my best winter purchase. Where is that scarf? Anyway: this is bargaintastic, enormous, cosy and looks deadly. What's not to love?
Penneys' shearling gloves, €10
By shearling, we mean, of course, probably not shearling. My mother believes in investing good money in gloves. She buys leather, usually from Marks & Spencer (okay, so she's not investing hundreds) and treats them like precious jewels. I, on the other hand, own more single gloves than I could count - so I believe in buying gloves that are relatively affordable, and about which I won't cry when I leave them in a taxi. These are nice an' all, which is a plus. 
River Island's grey teddy-bear coat (by another name), €120
For River Island, whose A/W collection I love, by the by, to call this coat anything other than what it is - a teddy-bear coat - is patently insane, but I forgive them. I own this coat. I bought it when August turned into September and freezing cold temperatures seemed imminent, and then gazed sullenly at it for weeks until finally, finally, it got cold enough to wear it. It's soft and cosy and oh-so-warm and anything that makes me feel like having a teddy-bear's picnic wins at life.
Givenchy's leather wrap bootie, €1,255 (no, that's not a mistake) at Brown Thomas
Bear with me for a second until I get something out of the way: these Givenchy shoes are worth more than my car. Heck, these Givenchy shoes are probably worth more than ME - but they are gorge, and there's a possibility (however slim) that they're warm. Important: they look warm, which is all that counts in fashion (it's about perception, not reality, kids). Are they worth 10 teddy-bear coats? That's between you and your God.
"Cat-ear beanie". Can you read those words? What could be better? Being that this beanie is ridiculously expensive, the bods at Markus Lupfer had to make it out of wool, so at least you know you'll be warm and adorable. Hashtag cat's whiskers.