In the tale of 2014, the year that’s been the quickest one ever, Halloween’s just around the corner.

And that means costumes. It doesn’t mean sexy costumes, mind, but it does mean cheesy, funny, have-a-laff type dress-up that everyone can get on board with. Like the sort of witty stuff Asos has on offer for the season of Pumpkin Spice.

Y’know, things sleek slippers with ‘trick’ and ‘treat’ embroidered on ’em in a bloody dripping font, or a cute little ghost coin purse. Check the gallery for lots more to like – but I’m baggsying that cat-shaped iPhone cover, ok?


Cat card holder, €8.57 and Lantern Halloween Slippers, €35.72.


Wah! So cute! Ghost coin purse, €8.57; Pumpkin coin purse, €8.57 and Cat iPhone 5 holder, €11.43.

Cat mask, €11.43 and Ghost mask, €11.43. (Psst: that's the bottom of a pumpkin mask you can see, top left).