Me and Max Factor; well, we don’t really get on. I’m not entirely sure how this huge mass brand, owned as it is by P&G with all the R&D and budgetary clout that entails, can’t, in my opinion, compete at the same level as its affordable beauty rivals like L’Oreal Paris, Revlon and Maybelline, which are just very, very good in general.

I’ve formed that opinion over the years because I’m routinely whelmed by what it launches, there isn’t anything the brand does these days (I was a long-term MF foundation fan in my twenties) that either lives in my makeup bag or which makes my heart race. So, I wasn’t prepared to think much of this new Masterpiece Transform Mascara, €14.99, I’ll be honest. However, it is actually bloody brilliant, so it totally deserves some love. 

Here’s some background on what I consider a “bloody brilliant” mascara: must enfatten, embiggen and spectacularise lashes. None of yer light, barely-there coverage for me. No; oh no, it’s gotta be va va voom all the way.

max factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara

This is va va voom – on steroids. 

But check out that wand; it looks shite, doesn’t it? How could that make for a big, full lash fringe? Here comes the clever part: 

max factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara

In between the rows of teeny bristles are mascara gloop reservoirs (MGR*). It is these MGR that allow this mascara to be so good; that and the fact that the slim brush profile lets you get right in at the base of the lashes. So, wiggle the wand right back – none of yer delicate coating the tips like a girl – and deposit mascara on the inner lash line, before zig-zagging it back out along the lash length. Bingo: you’ve got tightlining and volume in one go. And of course, you can layer it up if you like.

It’s quite something.

If you like really DRAMZ lashes, this is totally for you. It can also be layered over an existing mascara (which is the way I tried it first) and in that case it’s CRAZY. Huge mono-lashes ensue, but if you like that look, again I’m pointing you at this. 

So, any downsides? Well yeah, one: this really is best left for night time, simply because it deposits so much gloop on the lashes that if you apply in the AM, come PM, there’ll be flakes on your cheeks. So, reserve for big makeup – Max Factor itself recommends for smokey eyes – and you can say bye-bye to that YSL Faux Cils habit.

Have you tried it yet?

*Highly technical term, coined by me.