Brows ain’t going away and as more and more brow products launch, we’re starting to see some really good takes on high-end offerings. Like these new Maybelline Brow Satins, for example, which are mimicking the dual functionality of Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury and Smashbox’s products, along with the sharp precision of Mac’s twist-up brow crayon. #smart.

At €42 for Tom Ford and €24 for Smashbox, they’re not what you’d call cheap. Maybelline mixes it up a bit with a waxy propelling pencil for definition and a soft powder shadow for colour with Brow Satins, and does it all for €8.29.

There are four shades available too: Dark Blonde; Mahogany Red; Meadow Brown; Dark Brown, so you’ve got choices – lots of brow products come in dark and er, darker.

The idea is you feather in missing hairs with the waxy pencil end (which doesn’t need to be pared) and then you smudge it all into a ‘you but way brows-better version’ with the soft sponge tip, which is re-coated every time you screw the lid back on.

Here’s how it looks.

maybelline brow satin swatches

Meadow Brown pencil and shadow; Dark Blonde pencil and shadow.

Whaddya reckon? Something to investigate or have you already hit on your perfect brow routine?