Beauty advent calendars are gimmicks, there’s no doubt about it. Marketing means to somehow coerce us to fork over shedloads of cash to pay for what amounts to luxury samples, it doesn’t seem to matter; we’re suckers for the concept.

And with many of them coming in at the €100 mark, they can burn a pretty big hole in the beauty budget. This one doesn’t, and that’s why I think it’s gonna find so much favour. No7’s Beauty Calendar is 25 days of skin and makeup treats, for €45. They say the RRP is €170, by the way and the very tiny print says that’s based on ml by ml comparisons. I presume they’re blithely ignoring things like packaging costing more on larger products; but sure lookit an in all an in anyways, we’ll let them away. 

No7 beauty calendar contents

Hopefully you can see this very pink, very small picture. I didn’t want to ruin the surprise entirely by showing you the contents, but as you may have guessed, it’s entirely No7 products and they range in size from things like 4ml gel shine polish to 40ml body lotion, 25ml day cream and 1.5g eyeshadow.

There’s a precise felt tip eyeliner, a chubby lip crayon, eye brush, makeup remover, disco ball nail effects, mascara, eye serum and more. 

Sounds good? Want it? Get to a Boots with you on 29th October – like last year’s, this will sell out, and quickly.