It’s a bank holiday Sunday and that can mean a few things; one of which might well be shopping. If that’s your plan for today, then let us assist you with a few on-point – and on-budget – suggestions.

We’ve rounded up 12 accessory pieces from highstreet shops we wouldn’t kick out of the wardrobe for eating crisps. Best of all, nothing costs more than €20, and sure that’s feck all – we regularly punt that on grande Americanos and copies of Grazia.

Like ’em? Let us know in a comment. Oh – and happy shopping.


I LOVE these cat eye shades from Bershka, so the fact they're a mere €14.99 is a completely sweet deal.
A mere €10 for a faux fur bag bug? You'd be mad not to. This one's from Dunnes.
€9.99 is the very unexpected price for these very pricey-looking H&M earrings. Two words: getting them.
Okay, so you have to be in Dublin to benefit from Forever 21 purchases but this is a good'un: this cotton tartan scarf is just €6.95. I'll be investigating.
More H&M loveliness in the shape of this structured gold evening bag, which is €19.99.
There's precious little at Zara for under €20, but this pretty ear cuff, which hugs the bottom of the earlobe, is €14.95.
On sale now, these directional flatform brogues are €17.99 at New Look.
Stack 'em, cos that's what these Parfois rings are meant for. €7.95 for the Savile Row Ring Set.
€4 apiece for these silicone iPhone 5 cases at Penneys, which is an ace deal, and means you can get both. I've got the lips, BTW.
This is such a clever piece: wear it under crewneck and v-neck jumpers or shell tops, it gives you a whole new take without adding an extra bulky layer. Bib, €13, River Island.
There's no way anyone will think you paid €7.95 for this Stradivarius Two Cube Bangle.
Still into statements? Make one with this neckpiece, €19.95 at Vero Moda.