Irish accessories are having a bit of a renaissance, if the past couple of months are anything to go by. There’s already a lot of talent on the adornment front, and now here are three more names to add to your jewellery box.

  1. Manley Jewellery
    ​No newbie to the fashion biz, Emma Manley’s just added accessories in the form of statement neckwear to her offer. These pieces are a direct nod to the embellishment on Emma’s clothing: riveted leather, fabric and plastic discs form stylised flowers and combined with sterling silver, they make pretty deadly jewellery. The Elsie patent necklace is €199 on
  2. Edge Only
    A new venture from DJ Jenny Huston, Edge Only came about from Jenny’s frustration around never being able to buy pieces she liked, that’d last. Fun costume tarnished; but pricier pieces were staid. Edge Only remedies this with off-kilter bits rock chicks’ll like – and which will stand the test of time. Like this sterling silver lightning bolt necklace, €110, for example. 
  3. V Victoria
    A background in buying and a long-term interest in jewellery have both informed Victoria Long, who founded her eponymous label, V Victoria, earlier this year. Sleek shapes, elegant designs and great prices are hallmarks. I’ve got my eye on one of her fishbone necklaces, but these earrings, also make their own very particular statement. Ada G earrings, €40.