My palette collection’s currently saving up its 20% deposit so it can buy a flat of its own – which it needs – and because it’s so sprawling and, oh, everywhere, sometimes it’s a hell of a lot easier to reach for one of the many shadow singles I own instead.

Sometimes choice is hard, mm’kay? And because beauty has become so obsessed at worshipping at the altar of the shadow palette in recent years, solos have kind of gotten sidelined. But they can be gems, and they can also deliver up fantastic results from just the one, as well.

So, here are seven I really rate; do you like and use any of them too? Drop me a comment!

Bobbi Brown Bone, €23, is an essential. A creamy matte shadow, it appears in all her kits and it's also available as a single. Use as a base to blend other shadows into, or wear solo to give polish to a bare eye. Add mascara; hot pink lipstick: job done.
C'mon Chamelon is a dupe for Mac's much pricier Club, and it's such a good single pick because of its duochrominess: it magically appears like you've used several shades to create a look that's a lot more complex than it is. Nice work, Catrice! Oh - and €3.29, it's a total bargain too.
Taupe is the sort of shade everyone needs in their kit. Chanel's Taupe Grise, around €30, is perfect for a put-together look that takes seconds, but looks completely polished.
Want something a little less spendy than Chanel? Clarins' Ombre Mineral mono eyeshadow in Smoky Plum, €19.50, is the one to pick so. It's intense and looks incredible on its own - you just need a lick of mascara.
These come in tons of shades, but it's Bad to the Bronze, €7.49, from Maybelline's Colour Tattoo range, that I reckon is the hit for a single-stroke eye. Plus, they're seriously unbudgeable, and can be used as a primer too.
Nars' Night Series shadows are seriously good for lovers of dramatic looks. Night Flight, €25, with its intense navy pigment and sparkles, is just about the easiest one-step to an OTT eye you'll ever make.
Sin's an Urban Decay classic for a reason. At €18, it's not crazy dear and if you've never tried it, it's smooth, champagne-shaded and satin-finished with no glitter, so it's a brilliant daytime pick.