‘Member when Posh Spice had her ironed-on head-hugging bob back in the scary long-long-ago days of the Spice Girls, and everyone was afraid of bobs because of, well, precisely those reasons?

Yeah, well, forget that, because the bob is back, and it’s had a bit of a talking too. It’s shaken itself out and down, relaxed itself a lot and it has literally and figuratively let its hair down.

It’s no real surprise so that Junior Hollywood and modeldom has embraced choppy cuts with glee, and we’ve rounded up eight truly transformative ones to copy. You like?

Hipster model Arizona Muse has updated her look with a wispy fringe and shorter layers.

Dianna Agron's bob 'n' fringe are a really good example of how look-changing this cut can be.
Luv u, Emma.
Model Jourdan Dunn's hair makeover was a shot in the arm for her career: the glossy glambre finish reinvented her completely.
Another model who's the mistress of reinvention, Karlie Kloss' bob got her hundreds of column inches, not to mention plenty of beauty kudos.
Lily Collins' lightly tousled locks are pretty cute, huh?
Nope, Reet doesn't have this look anymore, cos she's a proper cut chameleon, but it really suited her.
T-Swifty suits a bob 'n' bangs enormously.