H/T to the theanimalrescuesite.com which showcased a new one on me recently: cattoos.

Yep. Cat tattoos, Portmanteaued as only the internet knows how, into a bite-sized word that does exactly what it says on the tin, feline fans are inking themselves with representations of their furry friends, and whaddya know? Instagram’s heaving with the hashtag.

I’m almost tempted. ALMOST. Check the gallery and then tell me: Are you?

Here's @_lionbaby_'s zero-gravity space-feline. I like.
Kinda scary, but @catologist likes it.
Owls, pussycats, stars? Might be the inspo for @chewyylynn's simple tatt.
Miaow! I'm a whisker off copying @chloecole.
Angel cat from @ihodel.
@jo.trep_'s kitty ink is awaiting colour.
So simple, but perfectly representative. Nice work, @joeborggren.
Love it, @kayla_fizzy. Not so sure your cat's that pleased, but.
A super painterly approach for @miguelatx.
Honestly, this wins. Mog as Boba Fett? Show me who can beat @realcatfacts and I'll, I dunno, pay them in lipstick.
@rihannonelan's silhouette is pretty perfect.
I mean, ADORBS. I want. This one's from @sarahsverytall.
So. Sweet! @screamforterror.