Hold on to your inexpensive hats, skincare fans: if you’ve been an Aldi store since Friday, then you’ll have seen the new range of barg-tastic beauty bits which includes old faves like the YSL Touche Eclat-alike highlighting pen – and also this.

This is Lacura Anti-ageing Hyaluronic Gel, and it’s piquing my interest mightily. Skincare treatments like Hydraluron Moisture Booster and Moisture Jelly have been clogging up blogs since they launched from Indeed labs, who know the power of this goo molecule. It’s important for collagen synthesis, so it helps skin look plump. It’s also really good at attracting and retaining hydration, so great for dehydrated, dry and oily skintypes.

As a Saharan type, I’m fond of using it in bottle-dropper gel format, like Imagine’s Pure Hyaluronic Filler, which is BRILLIANT and then some, or SkinCeuticals B5 Gel, which I’m using at the moment.

aldi hyaluronic gel

Now I’ll be adding this in too – because at €8.95, it’s about €60 cheaper than the two mentioned above, and no one’s gonna turn that down – especially if it does the trick, eh?

That’s obviously the million dollar question and as of yet I can’t answer it – though this is going right onto the bathroom serums ‘n’ oils shelf for testing. 

aldi hyaluronic gel ingredients

Ingredients-wise, it looks good: hyaluronic comes second on the list, followed by creatine, a peptide. That means Aldi aren’t doing that disingenuous we-waved-some-hyaluronic-acid-at-it-off-the-back-off-a-high-speed-motorbike which some brands I could mention are fond of doing. So I’d expect it’ll be decent enough on the skin.

Speaking of which…

aldi hyaluronic gel texture

This is what it looks like: one-to-two drops is all you need and here’s the weird thing: hyaluronic acid applied in this format can oddly make skin feel tight, so I always layer it. I’ll massage it over cleansed skin, treating it like my serum step; then apply an oil or a cream-based moisturiser on top. That seems to give me the best results with a product like this.

So, one you’re gonna look out for, or leave behind on the, er, pallet?