Smartphone sized and smartypants: that’s the Petalwell, a new type of room scenter you’ll wanna know about if you’re anything like me. In other words, have a kitchen cupboard devoted to scented candles, and have at least two reed diffusers on the go at all times. (Note to self: buy a couple more, STAT)

The whole market for decor-inspired home scenting has boomed in recent years thanks to companies like Glade creating yokes that look like pebbles and whathaveya, but that’s exactly it: they look like yokes.

This is designed to be a more elegant solution, and yeah, at €75, it’d want to be. Pretty portability is pretty much its selling point so the way it works is via a USB charge. Once the Petalwell is fully loaded, drop in a little of your favourite oil blend, crank it up and off you go. 

Each charge gives you eight hours of scenting and you can choose for it to do that in bursts of 20, 40 or 60 minutes, after which time it’ll shut off. Clearly it must do its smell-giving via some means of warming the oil, but there are no naked flames, no big potentially messy oil reservoirs the way there are with diffusers, and it can be taken with you for travel as well.

Sounds like a bit of a winner for anyone with a small child, rambunctious dog or moggy with swishy tail – have you ever had to clean up an essential oil spill from a reed diffuser? Night. Mare.

Buy Petalwell, and a range of oil blends, here.