Honestly? I couldn’t care less about 50 Shades of Grey. It’s got to be one of the most boring, pedestrian things in the whole world ever, and I’m just glad we’re in a respite period from endless fashion editorials riffing on it and hilarious gags re: 50 sheds of grey etc etc ad nauseam.

Once the least sexy film in the known universe launches, I’m sure unimaginative editors the globe over will be rubbing their hands together in glee once more, and maybe I can have some sort of Shades-based bypass performed in the interim.

But before that happens, Make Up For Ever is bringing out a collection of four themed kits based on 50 Shades of Blah. Why the mention here if I’m clearly so scathing? Well, not for the blah, but because it’s MUFE, and MUFE is a brilliant brand. Lowered brows, Make Up For Ever, why did you get into bed with this lame shit? 

Anyway, they have. 

No word yet on when the kits will launch in the Dublin boutique, or on prices, but previous limited edition experience would lead me to believe we’ll see them rather later than the US launch date (December 26th), if at all. 

The top picture you’re looking at is Desire Me, a blush trio with one of MUFE’s new (amazing) brushes, and it comes in a satin pouch, which is making me feel queasy for some reason. 

50 shades of grey makeup by Make up for Ever

There’s also this; the largest kit in the collection. It’s called – grossly enough – Give In To Me. #consensualnotconsensual.

Two more will also land; they’re both going to be Tease Me lip trios.

So, lookit: worth it for both the rabid fan of the books and also for a fan of the brand. If you don’t want to wait for Clarendon street to get stock in, you can buy from Sephora – here’s how to do that.

But, um, will you?