Emma gave us a run-down last week of five of her fave well-priced face masks, and this is a post I’ve been sitting on for a good six months, because BBZ, it’s very hard to justify telling you all to go and spend €80+ on something that’s a bit of a skincare indulgence.

Sure, masks are a nice part of a routine, but where they come in it is supplementary. They’re nowhere near in importance, as far as I’m concerned, as a good serum, a treatment oil or a good daily moisturiser, all three of which will actually keep your skin looking its best for as long as possible if you find the mix that’s right for you.

Most masks are crap, ineffectual wimps of things that do sweet shag all. I roll my eyes at their lack of ability to do, well, anything much, which is why I’m so mad about Sisley’s offerings; they’re genuinely great; they work. Your skin will look different afterwards and you can’t say that about a mask very often.

But they’re also very expensive. Left to right, above, we’ve got Black Rose Cream Mask, €110, Express Flower Gel Mask, €95, and Radiant Glow Express Mask, €83.50. See what I mean about price? These are, by the way, just some of the masks Sisley makes – there’s also an amazing eye one that will cure any dehydration lines quick-sharp.

sisley skincare masque textures

Top to bottom: Black Rose Cream Mask, Express Flower Gel Mask, and Radiant Glow Express Mask.

So what’s each one for?

Black Rose Cream Mask

This is my fave. Of course it is; it’s the most expensive. Typical. Now joined by a companion oil, this is an anti-ageing creation that’s full of ingredients to plump, re-hydrate and energise tired-looking skin. This is the one to go to if you’re wrecked; if you need a boost and you want to look better, quickly. It really does work.

Express Flower Gel

You’ve had a shite day at work and you’ve got to go out again for the evening. KANT KOPE. Well you can actually; you just need 10 minutes with this. It’s hydrating and quite cooling and really, really brings life and suppleness back to skin that’s been sitting in aircon for eight hours. Slap on your nighttime makeup; away you go.

Radiant Glow Express Mask

Probably my least favourite of the three but still one I reach for when my skin’s in ruins, my chin’s erupting and things just need a good clear-out. Normally, I won’t get on with a clarifying mask – which this is – because I find mud to be just too moisture-sucking. This does contain clay, but crucially it’s also hydrating. Three-to-five minutes is enough to give a good effect and it never leaves me feeling like The Mummy. In other words, as if my face is about to fall off with the tightness. Instead, it leaves skin clean and soft. Result.

Have you ever tried any of Sisley’s masks? And would’ya at the price?