In sartorial history, ours will be the first generation in which trainers, runners, sneakers (whatever you want to call them) made the transition from casual footwear to being accepted in most semi- to full on formal occasions. 

Think about it: people wear trainers to their weddings. We wear them to work. At fashion week, there are trainers everywhere, paired with the most high-fashion ensembles. In fact, there are trainers for every occasion you could possibly dream up, but let’s start with the obvious, shall we? 


For the gym

I took a class last week (at Fit Studios, in case you wondered, and their TRX classes come highly recommended) and I was the only person in the entire room who wasn't wearing Nike trainers. There's something about that scenario that makes me feel like an uncomfortable teenager whose parents just won't give into her every demand - but it also made me realise that (a) my Asics running trainers aren't necessary for gym work and (b) there are some seriously slick Nikes out there. My current faves? These Nike Free-Flyknit hybrids. Gorgeous! €155 at


For Saturday shopping

Converse are such an old faithful that it's hard to imagine any capsule wardrobe existing without them. These zipped-up high tops bring a new twist to an old classic, and give you an excuse to try out double denim without taking any crazy risks. €79 at

For fashion week

There are countless articles online that detail how to get papped at fashion week, but I'm firmly of the opinion that you need to start with footwear. These trainers by ASOS look a little like a line drawing (reminiscent of this incredible Halloween get-up by staffers at Fossil in the US), and anything that looks like something other than fashion (food, art etc) will work really well for attracting the paps. (You're welcome.) €49.76 at Asos.

For date night

The more I travel through this world, the more convinced I become that, when it comes to clothing and accessories, men are the simplest creatures around. Ergo: while you can take tiny risks (glitter, animal print) with your date-night accessories, you shouldn't go totally mental. These are perfect: eyecatching, cute, "interesting", but in no way alienating or "fashiony". €110 at Brown Thomas.

For collecting your Euromillions winnings

New in at Harvey Nichols in Dundrum, these Buscemi high tops are plated in gold and will set you back a cool €1,125. Harvey Nix says they're men's, which suggests that they're only stocking boys' sizes - but if you run on over to Sneakerboy you can drop your load on these bad boys, starting in a ladies' size 3. €1,125 at Harvey Nichols, Dundrum.