Mules. Autumn’s trendiest footwear, apparently.

We’ve looked at them, wondered over them, and I refused to be led.

Until I spotted these Miista Kimberley offerings, that is. Then I could kinda imagine myself in a pair, I’ve gotta say. At €197, I’d have to be pretty sure that these leather fellers with their rubberised, metal-embellished heel would actually suit my beef-to-the-heel trotters, tho.

expectation vs reality of wearing mules

And here’s what I think would happen. I have an expectation that these mules will miraculously transform me, easy breezy stylee, into a fashion princess, as with our friend on the left.

But, in fact, the reality would be far less princess, and, um, a lot more pig.

Oh well, better luck next time, I guess?