Clarins bases often seem to fly under the radar, and you know what? That’s such a shame: their foundation offerings are really very special, and full of ingredients that will benefit your skin. A recent cosmetic clear-out caused me to make some tough decisions, but every single Clarins base survived the cull. These three are particularly great. 

Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti Age Foundation, €43

The name might fool you into thinking is best left to your granny – but you’d be doing your face a very grave disservice. The consistency is sort of…custardy, and the little pot looks gorgeous but isn’t travel friendly – but the main thing is that this will make you look fantastic. With very generous coverage levels and a flattering satin finish, it gives a very flawless, comfortable and long-lasting look – and has SPF 15, to boot. Dry skin will love it but my combo/oily mug adores it too. 

Clarins ​True Radiance Foundation, €31

Now, this name is better, amirite? And it’s totally apt, as well. The latest offering from the brand, this is one of those new-gen, silky-textured, almost gel-like fluids that seem to melt into the skin, for a fresh and luminous effect. Coverage is light to medium, but it’s got that light diffusing action that will distract from, instead of cover, any flaws. 

Drawbacks? This won’t be great on very oily skins, but otherwise, it really is a beauty. 

Clarins Ever Matte Foundation, €32.50

Now this one is just perf for oily skin types; the cushiony texture has lots in common with a BB/CC cream, as does the light to medium coverage, but this is the bizz at mattifying the skin and keeping shine at bay. Your skin will look natural and fresh, not flat and chalky, and there’s loads of antioxidants in there along with SPF 15. Love the bones of this stuff. 

Tried any Clarins bases? Thoughts?