Mac has many, many lipstick shades. In among those zillions, it has a very great many reds; lots of which have gained cult status, like Ruby Woo and Russian Red. And then, standing away up there in a league all of its own, is Lady Danger. So cult, so coveted, that there are women who won’t ever admit what it is for fear of inspiring copycats.

But what is it about this particular Mac shade that’s made it such a rabidly adored product? Why is it the lipstick that launched a thousand adoring blog posts, and not another? I’ve got theories, Frillseekers, and I’m gonna share ’em.

1. Power of persuasion

There’s nothing like seeing that super-cool girl you wanna emulate on that blog you like revealing her secret must-haves. That’s how Lady Danger grew in popularity to begin with: it was the ultimate in-the-know fashion girl cool-colour; the sort of shade those burds who do achingly hip jobs wear, cos they know about this shiz, yeah? So if they like it, and that can transfer some achingly hip sheen on us, then BBZ, it’s a no-brainer, right?

Which leads us nicely on to…

2. Celebs love it

Show me a sleb who hasn’t worn Lady Danger an I’ll, erm, eat mine.

3. It suits everyone

Look! Look at it: this is a colour that transcends skintone, looking as good on Rihanna as it does on Kate Bosworth. There’s something about this orange-toned hue that just works so well for absolutely everyone, and that’s genuinely not something you can say about the vast majority of reds.

4. Made by Mac

Mac, innit? Whether you agree or not, Mac’s dominance in the makeup market is unparalleled and its name alone can confer cult status on a product. With global support from a cadre of expert artists, acres of media coverage and fans in their millions, it’s not hard to see how this brand can craft classics and keep them there.

5. Stickability factor

Opaque in one swipe, not quite matte; Lady Danger is also a beauty to wear. It doesn’t budge, will wear well for hours and is actually just a bloody good lipstick. Because let’s not forget that: the other four points notwithstanding, if this lippy wasn’t any cop, none of them would matter. Happily, it is: do you love it too?