Now, here’s something you’ll be reading a lot about, soon. Both Clarins and YSLwill launch lip oils in their Spring 2015 makeup collections, which is a bit of a turn-up for the books. Neither’s first out of the blocks with this as a product category, much as they might insist: nope, Hourglass got there first, about 18 months ago too, with its No 28 Lip Oil.

It’s a beauty: soft, smoothing and just the kind of thing a lip balm junkie will fall for, despite the high price – €38.

So what’re Clarins (and YSL) doing differently? Here’s the point of change: adding a tint. Smart move. Clarins’ Lip Comfort Oil, €19, will launch on January 19th and there’ll be two on offer; honey (permanent) and raspberry – which will be limited edition.

It’s formulated using active plant ingredients and while I haven’t seen Clarins’ version, I have had a go of YSL’s – the idea is that once the oil has worn off, you’re left with a light tint of colour on your lips. It’s a pretty nice idea, huh?

So, something you’ll be looking out for, or are you a bit eeuuww on the whole oil on your lips thing?