Boy howdy, YSL’s Christmas beauty collection, Wildly Gold, is pretty damn nice. There’s a fair amount on offer; I’ve just got a couple of pieces from it here, though there are four nail and four lip shades plus three standouts – one of which is that little notebook up there.

YSL wildly gold

Notebook? What the friggety frig is YSL doing launching… stationery!?

YSL wildly gold palette and nail shade

Well, see, that’s the thing. They’re not. (They are launching awesome La Laque glittery nail topcoats like this one, Feuille D’Or, €24).

YSL wildly gold palette - open

That notebook ain’t no notebook. Nope, it’s a palette, peeps. Amd what a cute little presentation is is, huh? It’s the Palette Collector Wild Edition, it’s €85 (ouch) and it’s got four shadows, two lip glosses and one big blush, plus some fairly ineffectual little brushes. 

YSL wildly gold palette swatches

Here be swatches: blush to top, shadows in the middle and the lip colours to the bottom.

This is such a nice little thing but I wonder would you actually buy it for yourself unless you were a total YSL completist – or you’d gotten it as a pressie. €85’s a lot of money; though on the flipside: that tassel and also think of all that massive bathroom envy. Worth it? You decide.