Is it just me, or is this one of the longest seriously wet spells we’ve had in, well, quite some time? I measure these things by my washing (and therefore drying); before this, I had got into quite a good routine of approximately two washes a week, hung out on the clothesline for a day before being finished off on a rack by the radiator. 

Now I’m on the fifth consecutive wash that has necessitated the use of the dryer (which I dislike, not because it’s expensive, although my mother insists it is, but because clothes come out crunchy and crispy and, all too often, a lot smaller than they went in). So I know: it’s been wet for a while. And, apparently, there’s more of the same to come. 

Luckily for me, I work from home, so I haven’t had to go out that often, but when I have, oh, how I’ve grappled with footwear! What can one wear when one is bound – by Murphy’s Law if not by nature – to stomp in at least one puddle, lacking the gay abandon of childhood and instead with a frown and an audible curse?

Sorel's Slimboot Boots
A friend of mine showed me these the other day, saying she was considering buying them. At first, I was aghast; they seemed like industrial, working boots - not like fashionable boots one might wear around town! But then I started to come around to them. Maybe they're industrial, worky appearance could be tres chic and modern, the footwear equivalent of ripped jeans or battered leather. Expensive, yes - but Sorel is a dyed-in-the-wool outerwear brand, and if they say waterproof, they mean waterproof.

Where do they dream up these names? Anyway, are you paying attention? Because here's the science bit. A platform sole plus a chunky heel will elevate you further away from the ground, therefore keeping you out of the puddles or, at least, further away from them than, say, a pair of Converse. Add to that the fact that they're leather and you have a fairly good recipe for keeping dry.
It's very cool and hip to hate Ugg, but there are certain things the Aussie brand does really well, and keeping feet warm is definitely one of them. As anyone who owns a pair of traditional Uggs will know, keeping feet dry usually isn't, but these buckled biker boots are the stay-dry equivalent. At €205, they ain't cheap, but they're shearling-lined. Super-cosy.
Back to the science bit. Distance from water is directly proportionate to staying-dry potential. These are cute, the colour is unusual and the style reminds me of Beyoncé's video for Crazy in Love, or All Saints, both of which give me warm 'n' fuzzies. Leather, to (ahem) boot - plus a cushioned insole - means they're gonna be kind to your tootsies.
For comedy, these Valentino wellies are kind of ace - imagine! "Oh these old things? They're Valentino." I'm kind of won over by the fact that they're navy and black, one of my top combos - although, let's face it, no characteristic of these boots is going to beat the fact that they are designer wellies. Designer wellies! What is the world coming to?