Tatty Devine No1 Holly Christmas Necklace,โ‚ฌ71.09, Asos.

If you grew up reading Bliss, Sugar and J17 (anyone remember Sarra Manning’s incredible love story on the back page, featuring a girl with a teeny-tiny fringe and her on-again-off-again gorgeous ride of a boyfriend?), you’ll be no stranger to Christmas-themed accessories. 

tatty devine gingerbread necklace

Tatty Devine Nol Gingerbread Christmas Necklace, โ‚ฌ35.55, Asos.

There wasn’t a December issue that wasn’t full of glittery shoes, even glitterier eyeshadow and reindeer jumpers, without a single iota of irony. Well, if the sheer volume of Christmas jumpers on show in Dublin city at Christmas is any indication, things have come full circle – and if Tatty Devine’s latest drops on ASOS are to be believed, we’re all in on the joke. 

tatty devine ski necklace

Tatty Devine Alpine Skier Christmas Necklace, โ‚ฌ49.76, Asos.

The current selection? Gingerbread men, holly leaves and Wham!-alike skiers, in the traditional Tatty Devine style – laser-cut perspex pieces strung up on a metallic chain. A touch of whimsy, a dollop of “look at me” and a serious whack o’ Christmas.