Oh, I may have mentioned a time or four that I’m a fan of oils. When it comes to moisturiser; this is it for me – I don’t use creams, unless it’s very, very cold and I need that comfort barrier. Nope, serum+oil=happy me face. 

I’ve always got a few on the go, and there are a lot I like. Recently, I’ve really rated Oskia’s Restoration Oil and Nude’s Treatment Oil (read about ’em here) and I haven’t gotten on so well with a Jurlique Skin Balancing oil.

Why? It’s true that skincare can often be more of an emotional thing than a measurable item, but I do need to feel-slash-see a result, whether that’s in a softer-feeling complexion or just in a product that is so well-formulated my skin drinks it up.

Both Nude and Oskia’s oils did that; Jurlique’s oil was heavier and felt draggy on skin, I never felt there was any benefit from it. The lightweight effectiveness is why I like L’Occitane’s new Divine Oil so much, too. Designed for anti-ageing, this is one to look at if skin’s a bit knackered, you feel you need a little extra or want to battle dehydration lines.

l'occitane divine oil

It’s not cheap – the till will ring up €78 for it, which is a lot of anyone’s money – but it’s very fine-feeling, beautifully scented, comes with a pedigree (the Divine range has good form with clinical trials in place; my mother uses and loves it too) and actually does seem to do some form of a fresher-faced trick.

Oh, and the other thing I think a lot of people will like? This one is entirely mineral oil-free. Now, this isn’t something I actually give a fig about myself, but if it’s one of your beauty bugbears then *whistles* over here. Botanicals include the cornerstone of the Divine range, immortelle essential oil, plus borage, evening primrose, camelina, echium, sea buckthorn, apricot and rosehip oils.

l'occitane divine oil swatch

See? Super light.

The result? This is one I can use both morning and night over serum, because it absorbs so fast. It’s got that ability a good oil has to make you look better the following morning too; always appreciated.

Makeup plays well on top too, so are there any drawbacks? Yeah, one, which initially made me want to give up on it: this is so fine you can’t apply it around the eye area because it sort of leaks into your eyes and makes your vision blurry. Weird as, especially for someone like me who pretty much schmears their skincare all over, with impunity. 

Once I copped that was what was causing it, I stopped putting the oil up around the eye contour and that solved the problem, but it’s an odd one – so be warned. Apart from that slight bit of oil-eye-weirdness, I’ve no hesitation in recommending this; it’s a beauty.