She’s boosted Estee Lauder’s social numbers by 50k

Whatever you might think about Estee Lauder’s signing of 19-year-old supermodel-in-the-making Kendall Jenner as the newest face of the brand, there’s no doubt it’s a smart move.

In Kendall’s first week, it was reported she’d boosted Estee Lauder’s social numbers by 50k, and like Lancome did with signings such as Emma Watson, they’re cleverly ensuring their product is front and centre with younger girls who’re the luxury beauty consumers of the future.

You might not like or rate Kendall now, but the move makes marketing and business sense, and it will undoubtedly work as well, opening this previously grown-up brand to a younger audience, who’ll want to investigate the products their idol’s fronting. 

I’m pretty sceptical that Kendall was much of a Lauder fan before she was handed the paycheck and given the script – along with a ton of product to play with – but it doesn’t surprise me a bit that she will be now; this brand makes great beauty.

Now that she has had a chance to check out what Lauder does well, here’s what she apparently is rating. Credit cards at the ready…

  • Pure Colour Envy Sculpting EyeShadow 5-Color Palette in Fiery Saffron, €52
  • Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Carnal, €29
  • Pure Colour Intense Kajal Eyeliner in Blackened Black, €21.50
  • Double Wear All Day Glow BB in Light, €38
  • Double Wear Concealer SPF 35 in Extra Light, €26.50

​​She’s also into the Modern Muse juice, Sumptuous Extreme mascara and Brush on Glow BB Concealer. Nice picks: do you use any, and if not, is Kendall the gal to get you to try?