First we had ombre, then we had pastel, rainbow, sombre and many more dye-jobs in-between. Now? It’s all about grey.

Sure, it’s been a high fashion passion for a while, but we can’t all be Kristen McMenamy, can we? Nope, so now that grey’s shaded down into Instagram, it’s gotten a new lease of life as beauty and fashion bloggers try the trend on for size.

The reason grey’s so compelling as a trend is precisely because it’s so unexpected. It’s kind of the last hair taboo. If blue and purple hair is now commonplace, where else can you really go? Aha; shades of grey. And it can look ahhh-mazing, as it happens: we’ve trawled IG, pulled 15 looks we love to make the point. 

Have a look – whaddya reckon? Love it or very definitely leave it?