Lookit, I think these are great, don’t get me wrong. But we have to talk about the elephant in the marketing meeting* before we go any further with the review.

MAX FACTOR MORKESHING EXEC #1: Gois gois! I know what we should call these! EXCESS SHIMMER!

MAX FACTOR MORKESHING EXEC #2: Ah, well, you see I think that name might possibly indicate to beauty consumers that we think this product is just TOO MUCH shimmer? 


MAX FACTOR MORKESHING EXEC #2: Well, no, I don’t think you’re really listening to my point. What I’m trying to say is…

MAX FACTOR MORKESHING EXEC #1: ZIP IT. Much Shimmer! Many Excess!

MAX FACTOR MORKESHING EXEC #2: Yes, but do you not think people will think that it’s the wrong amount? Too much like?

MAX FACTOR MORKESHING EXEC #1: Oh god put a sock in it.

MAX FACTOR MORKESHING EXEC #2: Okay, well, I tried…

In summary, my immediate thought – and one I have not had since I received a bottle of Guess’ curiously named Night Access perfume – was that this is a terrible name. Excess Shimmer? Oh, this product has too much shimmer. A veritable excess of it. I shall pass. Thank you, Max Factor, for your unexpected honesty re: your labelling.

In actual fact, and slightly confusingly, Excess Shimmer has JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF SHIMMER. I know, I know, I’m sorry. I’m probably blowing your mind a bit here. I blew my own a bit – what with the confounding amount of shimmer available in contradictory quantities and the fact this is the second consecutive Max Factor launch I’ve really rated.

I had to pour myself a large wine. I tell thee.

max factor excess shimmer swatches

Excess Shimmer in Bronze and copper, and yep, I did use ’em first. Soz BBZ.

So, Excess Shimmer is a creme shadow launch costing €9.99 a pop, and which comes in six shades. Three of them are decent (bronze, copper, black), three I can absolutely leave behind (an iridescent white, pearly green and pinky-lilac).

So they’ve gotta be a dupe for something, right? No, not really: these don’t resemble the solid texture of Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo or Chanel’s Illusion D’Ombre. They’re their own person. Soft, really easy to apply and blend, but with a lot of colour – and as noted, the EXACT RIGHT amount of shimmer. 

max factor excess shimmer swatches

I’ve got Bronze and Copper here (more confusion, because they appear to have reversed the shade names – copper is an orange-toned metal and bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, so it’s a lot cooler. #frillseekerfacts). Regardless, that’s just something that baffled me, but hey, I’m over it now.

These have been out for a while now, and have become a bit of a one-pot wonder for me, and a big part of my five minute morning makeup too. My application method is with a brush – I blend on and buff out and that gives me a smooth, shimmery finish I round off with mascara. 

Because my lids are dry, I find the product stays in place all day, though if you’ve oilier lids you may not find longevity so great – creams will always be a bit more moveable than powders; stick a primer on in that case’d be my advice.

So, have you tried them yet? Will you?

*Marketing meeting conversation transcript may be fabricated.