I do so enjoy asking Twitter about things it hates. It’s always such fun, and oh, so cleansing. So when I queried Frillseeker’s followers (befan us @frillseeker) about the trends ‘n’ things that drove them crazy from 2014, laffs ensued.

I’ve distilled them down to 12 of the year that was’ biggest fashion and fad-based moments. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments.

UGH brown lipstick (and also, soz, Kylie Jenner, who kinda, sorta, revived it), GTFO. H/T @YMagner.

Okay, Solange wears co-ords the best way you can wear co-ords - "Is that the thing where you look like you've gone out in your pyjamas? *old ginner face*," says @msleedy - but it's still a trend we want to wave a long goodbye to. Especially when combined with a crop top. *shudder*

Could there be a sweet treat we're more over than Cronuts? Well, okay, cupcakes. But for 2014, it's Cronuts FTW.

The horror that is crop tops! Unkind to, well, everyone. Conveniently this picture combines two things we wish to project into the burning heart of the sun in the express rocket ship of #over: Kim Kardashian and tiny, unflattering clothing. Job done. 

They're cold, they let the rain in and you never know which socks to wear with 'em. Shag away off, cut out boots, says @hkiveat.

So, you think you you look like Olivia Palermo in your lovely new felt fedora, eh? Or as @curlydena puts it, "Felt hats with floppy brims. FELT HATS WITH FLOPPY BRIMS! So basic. Dear wearers of said hats, you look like a second rate Louise from MIC. Aim higher." Unfortunately, you probably don't like OP or even MIC's Louise. You look like...

Van Morrison. Sorry.

If the glory of Jared Leto cannot make a man bun look good, then, sorry, but no one can.


Just. Stop.

Also, tip: If it's sold in Heatons, there is no goddamn way it's edgy, stylish or in any way, shape or form, cool. Sorry. 

My big bugbear. '90s fashion'. Look, it was A WHOLE DECADE. That's TEN YEARS. 20 seasons of style! We didn't spend the whole of it dressed in ripped mom jeans and tattoo chokers. In fact, tattoo chokers were not, AFAIK, invented until about two years ago. Also ripped mom jeans? Worst. Thing. Ever. Cop yerselves on.

"Also, am AMAZED that "nude" heels are still a thing. Gack," sez @fionarhw. Yup, us too.

Listen Chanel, Mansur Gavriel and your ilk, ain't nobody got €2k for a BACKPACK. "Posh backpacks! No way, Mulberry," tweeted @fionarhw​. TRU DAT.