Celebrities, eh? Only the best for them, naturally, and as they’re showered with designer goodies free gratis (not to mention large paycheques), most of what they wear is out of reach of us mere mortals.

But we can copy them. Here are six ways to get the look of a matching compliment of celebs and the best bit? Each product is under a fiver. Yup. You can bag the lot for less than €30. Can’t say fairer than that really, eh?

Get bargain hunting in the gallery!

Okay, okay, so technically Blair Waldorf is a construct and isn't actually real. BUT SHE'S REAL TO ME, SOB. We're also a bit beyond headbands too, to be honest, but just in case you're not, this one is a huge, massive snip at just €1.45 from Forever 21. Iknowrite?

Nichole Richie is pretty much always on point with her boho-luxe style. Stacking her jewellery is a thing she does a lot; get the idea of it with these super-cheap €4.99 bracelet packs from H&M. 

Wearing Stella McCartney, Kerry Washington's showcasing one of Stella's biggest design themes for this season: her lips motif. There's a spendy silicone iPhone case to go with; but Penneys has, erm, borrowed the idea for €4 instead. 

Lily Collins' Love necklace is a Lanvin piece, so yes, totally out of budget. But if you - sorry - love the look, then Bershka has a dinkier version for just €4.99. I mean really, what's not to like/love/adore, huh?

Our Rihanna's fond of an auld pearl earring, pearl ring, pearl necklace... I'll leave you with that charming mental image. Ape her cutsey little finger ring with this absolute bargain basement version from Penneys for just €2. Yup. Two quid. That's less than a take-out coffee.

One hex I wouldn't mind being put on me are these Monki earrings, which, while not quite the same as Jessica Alba's, aren't bad at all. And at €4, you definitely won't hear any complaints.