Okay, so by now we’re guessing you’ve spent all your cash on gorgeous gifts for everyone else and are feeling pretty sorry for yourself.

“But what about ME,” you might be resentfully thinking. If you’re not, you’re a saint.

I agree. You need to treat yobadself, girlfriend. (Just imagine I said that like Tia and Tamera, and not in my slightly nasally middle class Dublin accent way, because it sounds much better. Also imagine I did a sassy hip thrust too.)

With that thought firmly in mind, I scoured the internet for some bedazzlin’ earrings you’d like to wear, yet not spend a lot of cash on. So, behold this selection, each of which costs under ten quid. I know, fierce good to you. Cards to the usual address.

Accessorize opp gem shapes earrings, €7.90.
Bershka stone earrings, €9.99.

Stradivarius stonework embellished earrings, €7.95.

Folkster Katie earrings, €9.99.

H&M 2 pack ear decoration, €5.99.
H&M Long sparkly stone earrings, €9.99.

Monki sina earring, €6.

New Look Mega ear cuff, €8.56, Asos.

Stradivarius pointed earrings, €6.95.