Two things: I’m a bit auld for Santa and I already have a  Karl Lagerfeld bag, so it’s not exactly like I need another (when did that ever matter though?). But when I bought my Outnet bargain Karl bag, it was this one I was thinking of, really.

K/Rock Bag From Karl Lagerfeld

Cute shape, a guitar strap you can sling cross-body and a couple of nice details like the chain on top, I’ve been eyeing it up for a good six months.

But I didn’t think you could buy Karl Lagerfeld bags here until I discovered a cache of them in Harvey Nichols, Dundrum, last week. And here’s the thing: he might design for oh-my-god-so-far-out-of-my-price-bracket Chanel and Fendi, but Karl’s own label is affordable: this is €295. Hey, that’s ok, isn’t it?

I think I’ll have to be my own Santa in this case though, so if Christmas and New Year don’t crucify me too badly, I may well head Dundrum-wards before work recommences on January 5th to see if it’s still knocking about. And you never know, it might even be on sale…