2014 was a pretty busy year, both on and offline. At the end of 2013 I started work at STELLAR Magazine as the deputy editor, and as 2014 wanes, I’m leaving the year… as the editor. 

To edit a magazine, for someone who loves content as much as I do, is something I have wanted to do for a very long time, and feels like the culmination of a journey I started when I was working as a web designer and dreamed up Beaut.ie back in 2006 as a way to showcase my skills. 

What the responsibilities of my new role mean for Frillseeker I’m not yet sure – but what I do know is I’d like to say a big huge thanks to each and every one of you for checking in each day, sharing content and commenting, because I still get a massive kick out of it each time you do.

And y’know – keep (or start!) buying STELLAR too, y’all. We have an awesome year planned with a new daily website on the way as well as lots more stuff I’ve got up my sleeve. Working on mags has taught me this: when you’re on a team that works as hard as you do, and is as dedicated and committed as you are, great things can happen. Here’s to 2015.

Right now though, here’s what you searched for, browsed to and liked the most on Frillseeker.ie during 2014, thanks to our kindly maths pal, Google Analytics.

1 L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection is Lancome Visionnaire on a Budget

Thank god for cosmetic cascading, huh? Lancome’s Visionnaire serum was one of the biggest beauty launches, um, ever, and because L’Oreal Paris and Lancome share a parent group, they share tech. We explored how to get the benefits on a budget.

2 YSL Fusion Ink Foundation is a Must-Have For Oily Gals Who Want Light Coverage

Water bases really made their mark this year and we’re all about the base with this new gen of lightweight foundation that adds coverage yet no clunk.

3 Here’s Your First Look at Penneys Spring/Summer 2014 Shoes, Bags & Accessories

Every time we feature Penneys we watch the pageviews climb; you guys love love love that stuff. But nothing was more popular this year than this gallery previewing SS14’s awesome accessory offer.

4 Laura Whitmore’s Personal Frills: Rings, Chakras & Tattoos

Perennially popular, this post: Laura Whitmore visited Dublin for the launch of the Dublin Fashion Festival and showed us her stuff, which included her jewels ‘n’ shoes.

5 We Need to Talk About Laura Prepon’s Eyebrows in Orange is The New Black

Back for its second season in 2014, you lot were very exercised once more about Alex’s Sharpie brows in OITNB, popping it up into the fifth most popular piece of content on Frillseeker for the entire 12 months. Brows, sure, we love ’em.

6 Tom Ford AW14 Color Fall 2014 Color Collection: Pix & Swatches

We love Tom Ford; you love Tom Ford. Hardly any surprise then that this post – complete with lots of pics and swatches – on the lusciously luxe AW14 collection, was one of the year’s faves, huh?

7 YSL Spring Look 2014: The Frillseeker First Look

We’ll have a gander at 2015’s spring look soon, but boy howdy did the pastel pink from SS14’s YSL collection go down a storm.

8 First Look at Lancome’s Grandiose Mascara, Launching in Ireland in July

Hands up who doesn’t love a mascara launch? Oh that’s right, no one. And Lancome Grandiose, with its new ‘n’ exciting swan neck, was a very intriguing launch altogether.

9 Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation Review, Pix & Swatches

Equally, who doesn’t love a Chanel launch? We checked out the newbie Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation, and found we liked it a lot.

10 The Best So Far: Bourjois CC Cream, CC Concealer + Swatches

Uhuh, we’re sticking to this, using Bourjois CC Cream a couple of times a week. Great wear, decent pigmentation and a lovely finish mean this is a deadly buy – if you can find one in your shade.