“Who me? Make a resolution!?”

January’s the perfect time to wake up your makeup, after all – new year, new you and all that.

But before you begin your overhaul, have a think about what (if any) areas you’d like to change (and the result you wanna achieve) and focus on that initially. Is it clearer skin, fuller brows or getting into the groove cleaning with cleaning your brushes regularly?

For now though, here are some good every day resolutions to kick things off.

Happy New Year, everyone! 

In 2015 I will…

  • Drink more Water
    Start by drinking a pint of water first thing every morning before breakfast to kick start your body for the day and flush out toxins – honestly, this works and you’ll notice your skin looking clearer and fresher so quickly! For lacklustre, winter skin, a daily dose of fish oils will give an added glow. 
  • Wear SPF Every Day
    The sun is a little weaker come winter; but UVA rays, responsible for damage and ageing are present whatever the weather. It can take up to 20 years before skin shows signs of sun damage, which is why sometimes people seemingly age over night, eep! 
  • Remove Makeup Every Night
    Makeup wipes are fine in an emergency but can drag and damage skin over time, especially around the delicate eye area. In my experience, the fastest way to properly remove makeup is with a cleansing oil such as ​L’Oreal Paris 15 Second Miracle or Shu Uemura cleansing oil. 
  • Mix things up
    We all get stuck in a style rut, so make 2015 the year you decide to break out of it and experiment with your makeup. Even small changes can make a difference whether it be a bright lip colour, switching to a liquid eyeliner, a lighter-coverage foundation, cream blusher instead of bronzer – you might be surprised by what happens. 
  • Try Vegan-Friendly Cosmetics
    Ok, this might seem a little left field, but given that we’re all on a health buzz for January, it makes sense to continue that into our cosmetics. Vegan friendly products contain no skin-clogging animal oils or fats making them a great accompaniment to cleaner living. Vegan brands I love include Lime Crime, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Wet n Wild and Barry M.

Have you got a beauty resolution for 2015? Let us know what it is below!