Contouring: it’s going nowhere, is it? Well, not if the Kardashian Klan has anything to say about it all in anyways.

And despite the fact I’m really quite crap at it, that hasn’t stopped me a) trying every product that comes my way and b) making the best fist I can at it too. I want cheekbones, goddamnit!

What I’ve discovered through a couple of years of experimentation with various products like the cream-based Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate  and Nars’ Matte Multiples, is that I actually get on better with powder products. I find them easier to control and blend.

So that’s why this Isadora Face Sculptor piqued my interest when it arrived. It’s powder – score #1 – and it’s also dead handy because you effectively get the whole job-lot in one. Bronzer; blush and highlight for €25.50.

isadora face sculptor

isadora face sculptor

Yes, I have committed the cardinal sin of using this (a lot) before photographing it.

I know over €25 might seem like a bit of an ask for a pharmacy product, but you’ll have this until the year 2525, and you’ll use the lot as well. What I found with my shade of Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed, for example, was that I never used the blusher because it was such a hot pink; hot pink makes me look sweaty and frantic, so I avoid it. This pink is actually more peachy, so I’m totally happy to wear it. Ergo, I’ll get use out of the lot.

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In all honesty though, it’s the bronzer I’m the most interested in. It’s good: mostly matte with the very tiniest hint of fine shimmer, which is just enough to elevate it slightly, it’s got good pigmentation but crucially – and this is important for bronzer – that pigmentation is not at full opacity eyeshadow levels. So you can build it and it’ll look natural. That’s also good news for anyone who’s not quite there with their contouring skillz yet. Me, in other words.

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I tend to contour directly into freshly applied foundation, sweeping down from the top of my ear to the middle of my cheek, in a scary stripe. Then I buff it back down with my foundation brush. I’m probably doing it wrong, but I like the effect. If I want colour more; I add more. For day, I avoid adding highlighter but I’ll bang on a bit of blusher.

isadora face sculptor swatches 

Here’s how it swatches: You can see there’s a distinct difference between the bronzer and blusher to the highlighter, which also feels much creamier. For a paler skintone and for someone looking for a first foray into contouring, who wants everything in one, then this is a bit of a winner, I reckon. Nice work, Isadora.