You can build to full coverage if you like, but you won’t look like a mad clown lady

One of two water bases hitting beauty stands shortly (the other is the Europeanised version of Maybelline’s Dream Wonder, which is a cascade down from YSL’s Fusion Ink and will be €12.99 (IKR!); it’s en route very soon), IsaDora’s Nude Sensation Foundation, €23.25, comes in six shades, and does that thing we want a water base to do.

Y’know, that thing: loadsa pigment, but absolutely no filler, so you can build to full coverage if you like, but you won’t look like a mad clown lady. This is the real genius of these things, isn’t it? 

Brands always love to claim that their foundations are one size fits all skins, and while water bases do seem to work across the majority, I’d say if you’re super dry or very oily, you might want to approach with caution – I’d say that about any water base, regardless of brand, though.

This hasn’t gone on my face yet as I just met it yesterday; the fact that there are a mere six shades means I’m not 100% hopeful for a really accurate match.

isadora Eye Colour Bar shadow kits

But hey, I’ll let you know; and what I do know is I am keen to try it and the other new launches that are on the way for spring: there are two Naked Palette-alike Eye Colour Bar shadow kits, above. This one is Smokey Mauves and it’s €17.50. It’s really great from a first look ‘n’ swatch, anyway.

Isadora Twist Up Matte Lip Pencils

There are also some really ace Twist Up Matte Lip Pencils, with an angled tip, €13.25. How smart! Why did no one think of that before!?

So peeps, liking the look of anything? Do tell below.