I really like the aesthetic perfumer Christine Nagel has brought to Jo Malone: lighter, younger, and also, an awful lot sweeter. Yeah, that’s a very unusual thing for me to say, but Nagel does sweet without saccharine and warmth without that chemical tang I generally associate with perfume that’s on the sugary side.

Her stuff though? I’m all over Blackcurrant and Bay and Pear and Freesia, both of which are very gorgeous and unctuous, as well as really quite juicy-fruity sweet.

Jo Malone rock the ages lineup

The Rock The Ages collection, launching in March, is more of the same. Five scents, Tudor Rose & Amber, Lily of the Valley & Ivy, Pomegranate Noir, Geranium & Verbena and Birch & Black Pepper are designed to rep a quint of different British decades.

All are new except for the obvious: Pomegranate Noir, which is slotted in here to represent the opulence of Victorian Britain. Heck, I guess, why reinvent when the line already carries something perfect?

Tudor Rose & Amber is very Elizabeth Regina. Heraldic rose, clove and amber almost make for a Nagel take on Pom Noir, to my nose, It’s lovely. Lily of the Valley & Ivy is the freshener and embodies Georgian Britain. Green fans will like this one. Geranium & Verbena is one men will also like; it’s Edwardian Britain epitomised – the short period of Walls ‘n’ Edward, between the wars. Then there’s Birch & Black Pepper, which evokes Vivienne Westwood; today’s UK; punk spirit. This is sharp and spicy. Jo Malone rock the ages

Each 30ml bottle is €52 and is limited to this collection in packaging and scent (excepting Pomegranate Noir). I gifted my PM to a pal who adores it, as I’m less of a fan), but I’m liking Tudor Rose & Amber a lot: warm, thanks to the amber, and sexy thanks to the rose, this is a good scent for winter, and nighttime escapades.

Anything tickling your fancy?