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Backstage teams often include a quick facial massage when applying moisturiser

Working as a makeup artist, I’ve learned that taking a little time to prep skin before applying makeup can make all the difference, from how skin feels and looks, to how smoothly makeup blends and also, how long it lasts 

Now, I know most of us don’t have time to be faffing around in the morning with a full-on skin care regime (especially if it’s going to eat into those extra few minutes in bed!) so whether you’ve got five minutes or a whole evening to pamper yourself, here are some top tips for prepping skin: 


At night time I love to use oil cleansers but when makeup is going to be applied straight afterwards milky, water based products such as La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Cleanser work best as they not only remove makeup, but also help to gently re-hydrate skin. 


If you’re doing this once or twice a week already then you can skin this step (you don’t want to over work skin) but, a really quick way to freshen up your complexion pre-makeup is by using a cosmetic wipe to lightly exfoliate little dry patches around the nose, through brows and chin area. 


Rebalance your complexion by using a toner like L’Occitane Immortelle to will brighten and bring moisture to the top layer of skin. This will prevent dry patches appearing throughout the day/night and also stop skin from over producing oil (therefore helping to avoid the dreaded T-Zone shine). 

Moisturise & Massage

Ever wonder how models manage to look so perky even after a whole week of being run ragged at fashion week? Okay, they are models but they’re also human – and backstage teams often include a quick facial massage when applying moisturiser as it helps to stimulate blood flow and improve overall skin glow. I also like to add a few dots of Origins Ginzing light reflective eye cream to combat dark circles.   


For long lasting makeup, primers are a key step as they act as a barrier between your skin and the foundation. There are many types out there but the cult classic Smashbox original primer and Stila One Step primer are two of my favourites.

I always prime eyelids too as this creates a smoother base for blending shadows/liner and stops them from creasing. Laura Mercier eye basics are great but quite pricey so also check out Urban Decay eyelid primers.

Got a prep routine to share? Do! We’d love to hear it.