Concealer for blemishes should be the same colour as your foundation

Problem skin was the main reason I got into makeup and beauty in the first place many years ago. I knew even when I was much younger that there had to be a way to co-exist with my complexion, without resorting to slathering myself in either Pan Stick or Estee Lauder Double Wear as most of my fellow teens at the time did.

Enter concealer; the ultimate cosmetic confidante. 

Over the years I’ve tried and tested lots (and lots) of concealers as well as methods of application so whether you’re prone to regular breakouts or simply suffer from the occasional blemish, here are some top tips for getting your cover up on:  

  1. Choosing a shade
    Sometimes I hear people say you should go a shade lighter when picking your concealer but really, this makes blemishes more noticeable as your eye is drawn to anything lighter on the face. Concealer for blemishes, (unlike underneath eyes) should be the same colour as your foundation, just a more highly pigmented product. 
  2. Lip vs Concealer brush 
    For really precise, concentrated application to the tip of a spot I almost always use a pointed lip brush rather than a traditional flat top concealer brush. Be sure to dab concealer lightly on the actual spot rather than the area surrounding it.
  3. Go spendy
    Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage and Make Up For Ever HD Concealers are pricey I know; but well worth the money if you’re serious about concealer. A little really does goes a long way with these, meaning they last for ages.
  4. Brush works
    Mac’s 217 brush is a cult favourite and is such a multitasker, but I love to use it to buff on liquid and cream concealers for a really smooth, natural result. 
  5. Heavy-duty
    ​Vichy Dermablend Foundation and Concealers: The reason I’ve mentioned both is that the stick concealer is quite limited in its shade range this side of the pond, so won’t suit everyone. Bag yourself a bargain by using the high pigment foundation as a liquid concealer instead – that’ll last about 20 times as long. 
  6. Budget Buys
    It used to be that only high end brands made good concealers but the high street has improved in leaps and bounds the past few years. For those who don’t want to drop loads of money on products check out Maybelline’s Fit Me and also No 7 Match Made concealers.