Even though fashion week is about, you know, seasonal style, that doesn’t necessarily always translate into the streetstyle looks we see in the media each September and February. Well, y’know, it’s freezing in NYC right now but who wants to hide their fashion light under a bushel massive big coat?

So, I was wondering how attendees were coping with the demands of fashion and freezing cold. A hunt around Instagram revealed some pretty sharp looks that manage to combine warmth with wow factor – take a look!

Layering, in the form of a polo, leather, shoulder robing and OTK boots are how @alltheprettybirdsofficial is doing it. Plus, GOOD Louis Vuitton bag.
@bekliedet's double denim, shearling collar and fat mittens looks good but I bet she'll want to get inside again, STAT.
Ace Irish stylist @cocosmithstyle is repping us in NYC. She says on her Insta, "I didn't REALLY think about the snow in terms of my outfits... So layering my looks with polonecks is gonna be key." Oh - and check out STELLAR's April issue; we're gonna have all the deets 'n' downlow on Courtney's NYC adventure with exclusive shots. #cantwait.
Listen Olivia Palermo, no tights!? Why do fashion girls never wear tights? This looks comfy-cosy, except I just keep thinking of harsh winds whistling... up there. Shiver. Pic: @fashionblogs3.
Was there ever a better time to break out your faux fur? Think of the snuggle, and the opportunities to colour clash. Love this. Pic: @fashionblogs3.
Oversized sweats 'n' mini work if your head is covered. That's @flatiron_korea's logic anyway, I'm guessing.
This is so stylish and yet so weather-appropriate. Cuddle coat, big scarf; super chic. @ladiesdressworld.
I love everything going on in @lindatol_'s look here: the icecream tones with tough accessories, and it's all very winter-worthy too. 10/10.
@lofficielkaira's got it down as well: long coat and scarf for warmth and on-point sportswear for comfort and ease of getting from show to show. This girl's done this before, clearly.
That is one warm-looking blanket coat, @shitandfashion.
Okay, these ladies look frigging freezing, but they're making me think of spring, and that's never a bad thing, right? Pic: @thefashionpoison.
@thefashionstalker gets points for her coat and then has them taken away for lack of tights. I would weep to be in NYC right now without my 100 deniers. #torture.