Mac trials its pro products by humans, on humans

To the uninitiated, Mac can be a confusing brand. Why so many, varied, and baffling launches? Why do makeup artists love it so much? To understand it, you’ve just really got to realise one thing: it’s a brand of two very distinct pillars. The many and various limited editions are for us, the consumer, and are used to drive commercial interest in and awareness for the brand to help support the other pillar, which is really its core: its artistry products and its artistry heritage.

And one of the things that makes Mac such a strong artistry brand is the fact that it tests and trials its pro products by humans, on humans. That’s done at fashion weeks, at least six months out from launch, so you always know that getting a bit of backstage access at a Mac-sponsored show can be a great way to see what might be coming down the line for a season or so in the future.

I say might, because not everything passes artist muster.

Under trial at London Fashion Week right now are a few things that look really interesting. Like, for example, that Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation, above. I only had the quickest of plays with this but it feels fine-textured and pigment packed. One for full-coverage lovers I think.

Mac studio waterweight foundation for aw15

Then there’s this. Studio Waterweight Foundation is Mac’s answer to the water base. In a dropper bottle, it’s super-thin and sheer and delivers that lovely finish I love from a water product. It was being used all over the shop this LFW.

 Mac retro matte lip creams for aw15

Coming for lips are a set of Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks. When the nuclear holocaust/Zombie Apocalypse happens, ain’t nothing going to survive but these and some cockroaches.

Mac retro matte lip creams for aw15 - swatch

I swatched these, and the stains lasted, despite scrubbing, for two days. Needless to say, I am EXCITE.

 Mac midnight wells for aw15

Lastly, this is Midnight Wells, one of four colour-black retro-style cake eyeliners. Yeah, other brands have done them, but this is a nice take on the idea. 

All will – hopefully – be making it to Mac stores in late summer/early autumn. Fingers crossed.